Jeroboam in Egypt

Narrator: Including Egypt, where Jeroboam is working for Pharaoh. Egyptian workers on the jobsite: ...already dead. Jeroboam, overhearing: Who's dead? Foreman: Solomon of Israel, sir! Only last week! Jeroboam: Saddle my donkey! Yee-hah! King! It's ALL coming true! King! I'm going to be King! Hmmm. Prince Rehoboam won't like this. I better head for northern Israel. Avoid Jerusalem.

1 Kings 12: 2; 2 Chronicles 10: 2

Jeroboam, looking hot and uncomfortable, is reading over blueprints with a foreman on an Egyptian temple construction site. On hearing the news of Solomon’s death, he grabs his coat, vaults onto his donkey, and rides for Israel in a cloud of dust.

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