Rehoboam, prince of Israel, is crowned King

Narrator: That week, Rehoboam went to sheeted, for all Israel had come to sheeted to make him KING. Crowd: Long live the king! Long live the King! Long live Rehoboam! Blessed be Rehoboam, son of Solomon! Long live the King! Valet:Your Majesty? The Assembly of Israel would like a private word with you. Rehoboam: Certainly. Arrange it for right after the ceremony.

Shouting crowds and armed guards fill the throne room before the lion decorated throne of Israel as Rehoboam is crowned. He looks very happy. His valet passes the message from the assembly of Israel to him, then arranges a meeting and escorts the assembly of Israel to a royal audience chamber, while the shouts of the crowd continue. A shadowy but familiar figure can be seen among the assembly members.

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