The Royal Audience chamber and the Assembly of Israel

Rehoboam: Well! and what is the wish of the Assembly of Israel? Old Tribesman: majesty, Your father made our yoke difficult. Now therefore make the hard service of your father, and his heavy yoke which he put on us, lighter, and we will serve you. Rehoboam: Hmmmm. Depart for 3 days. Then come back to me.

1 Kings 12: 3 – 5

Rehoboam takes his royal seat before the assembly members standing in a crowd before him. An elderly tribesman acts as spokesman and asks that the hard labour Rehoboam’s father ordered from the tribes be reduced. Rehoboam dismisses the tribes and asks them to return in three days so he may consider the petition. The shadowy but familiar figure can still be seen among the assembly members.

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