Getting Advice

Narrator; That night in council. Rehoboam: What counsel do you give me to answer these people? Old counsellor: If you will be a servant to this people today, and will serve them, and answer them with good words, then they will be your servants forever. Rehoboam: Hmmm. Later, a voice in the garden: Long life to you, oh King of Israel - at last! Rehoboam: Mesha! How are you! It's been so long! Glad you're here. In fact, I could use your wits on a little problem I'm working on. Mesha: The Israel Assembly? Rehoboam: You heard? Mesha; of course.

1 Kings 12: 6 – 8

In a dark counsel chamber, Rehoboam gets advice from Solomon’s old cabinet that he doesn’t like. The next day, as he wanders in the palace garden, he is hailed by an old friend, whom he greets with enthusiasm. He invites him to advise him.

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