Start of Rebellion

Assembly members: Out of here! What portion do we have in David? We don't have an inheritance in the son of Jesse. To your tents, oh Israel! Now see to your own house, David! We're gone. Narrator: And shortly afterwards in Israel. Boss with armed guard: Okay, boys. I'm Adoniram. Rehoboam's new levy boss. I expect 12,000 new workers. Start counting. Angry crowd: Down with the king! Kill him! End the levies! Adoniram: Yaah! Guard! Guard: Majesty, your Majesty! Run for your life! Adoniram is stoned! The mob is right behind me!

The Assembly members continue to leave the audience chamber in a foul temper, clearly thinking rebellion. Later, in the Israel countryside, a tough-looking boss in a chariot with an armed guard demands levy worker volunteers from a crowd of farmers. They respond by throwing rocks. The Guard flees, and warns Rehoboam, who is beside his chariot over the hill, to get away immediately.

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