Exit the prophet

Prophet: Even if you gave me half your house, I would not go with you, neither would I eat bread nor drink water in this place, for so it was commanded me by the Lord's word, saying, "you shall eat no bread, drink no water, and don't return by the way that you came. (Scene change, back at the old prophet's house) Oldest boy: and then we came straight home. Dad, can you split altars like that? Old Prophet: Hmm. Which way did he go? Saddle the donkey for me. Boys: Yes, sir!

1 Kings 13: 8 – 10, 12, 13

Prophet, nursing a sore neck and arm, refuses to go with Jeroboam, and leaves the temple. The guards that grabbed the prophet salute him nervously as the prophet goes by. The boys watch him leave (whoa!) They finish the story they are telling their father, the old prophet, who looks thoughtful, and orders the donkey to be saddled.

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