Tell it in town!

Traveller: Poor guy. What's so odd about that? Porter: Just this: the lion is just standing there. The donkey's a few feet away. The lion hasn't touched him, or the body! Traveller: Weird. Porter: Come see! It's just around the bend. I want one credible witness, or no one is going to believe me! Traveller: Hey! no way! I don't want to get near any lions! Porter: so look at it from a distance, ok? Traveller: Well - I'll be. Porter: Yup. Just standing there. I gotta tell this in Bethel! Traveller: Hey! wait up! Don't leave me here! Porter (in bethel) Just a few miles away! Old prophet: it is the man of God who was disobedient to the Lord. Therefore the Lord has delivered him to the lion, according to His word. Saddle the donkeys, boys!

1 Kings 13: 25 – 27

A porter carrying a pack sees the lion sitting quietly next to the body of the new prophet, the donkey peacefully grazing a few feet away, and drops his pack in surprise. He runs to a passing traveller and tells him about the strange sight, persuading him to come look at it over a hedge. Then he runs into Bethel to report it, and the old prophet explains who it is.

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