At the Gravesite

Narrator: He laid his body in his own grave, and they mourned over him. Old prophet: Alas, my brother. Boys, when I am dead, bury me in the tomb in which the man of God is buried. Oldest boy: What does it all mean, father? Old prophet: For the saying which he cried by the Lord's word against the altar at Bethel will surely happen. Jeroboam will rue the day. Understand this. This is a man, sent by God, chosen by God. He does what he's supposed to, but then he listens to the lies of others.

1 Kings 13: 30 – 31

The old prophet exits the cave tomb into the light, where his family and townspeople are acting as mourners. He gathers his sons with him, and they sit down under a tree and discuss things.

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