Refugees in Jerusalem

Narrator: Rehoboam's palace, Jerusalem. Rehoboam: Who are these people arriving in Jerusalem? They've been coming for days - no end of them! King's advisor: Your majesty, these are refugees. Rehoboam: Refugees!? There's been no war! Advisor: majesty, these are levites and other godly people who can't stand the idol worship that Jeroboam has started in Israel. Some have given up all they had to come here. Rehoboam, to himself: Heh, heh, heh. Less for him. More for me...

2 Chronicles 11: 14. 2 Chronicles 15: 16, 17

Rehoboam is enjoying a snack on his palace balcony in Jerusalem, overlooking an unusual influx of people passing by on the street below him. He asks, and is informed by his advisor about who these people are. Some have carts pulled by oxen, some have flocks they are driving through the street. One man is leading a horse loaded with heavy packs and a woman. One man, looking tired, is carrying only his little daughter as his excited son grabs his arm and points to something. Rehoboam looks shrewd and congratulates himself.

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