Narrator: Anyway, it's all very strange. You need an aspirin, and some water. Voices of other passengers, overheard: Joey, you pig, I could just kill you when you snore. Man in middle row: Give that back, you thieving little so and so! Another man: you, just wait. You'll be sorry. Seductive woman: Tee her! Giggle! Aren't you afraid your wife will find out? Man: That old bag? Narrator: makes your head spin. Choking voice from back of plane: Gaah, Gaahk, Haaghk..kkk..!

Backpacker ponders then gets up and moves to the back to get aspirin and water in the bathroom. He sees many fellow passengers having arguments and showing the worst of their characters. His eyebrows raise at a couple clearly indulging in adultery. Then a voice from a back seat emits a strangled choke, and backpacker, seeing something, gets frightened and rushes back to his seat.

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