Briefcase man: One more thing. On your way to the back, talk to a few people. Tell them to come up here and talk to me, so I can help them, too. Backpacker: Here goes! I'm going ahead! No turning back! Parachute or bust. Narrator: You look back at the man whose job is to save the passengers. He isn't scared. maybe that's why you believe him. And you start walking. There's only one small missing detail to this story: it's not 'just fiction'. It is true for you, too. The good news is, you can escape. Would you like to? Do you dare jump?

Briefcase man asks backpacker to send a few of the passengers to talk to him on his way to the rear of the aircraft. Backpacker makes up his mind with a sudden lunge out of his seat. He looks back at the man with the briefcase – who suddenly looks a lot different. He’s wearing a robe, and his hands have nail prints in them. The corridor down the plane looks dark and ominous.

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