Proverbs, Reloaded…

A character I knew on a construction jobsite once ripped his jeans in an total underwear exposing way. Nobody knew, and he made sure they didn’t find out, by having me bring him his jacket to cover up with and working really carefully the entire rest of the shift (While he knew perfectly well I was going to grin at him all day, he trusted me not to rat him out to the rest of the crew, who would not spare his dignity. Construction work can be psychologically challenging…). Anyway, all day he had to be very cautious bending over.

A life built on lies, or on any sin that can’t bear exposure is terribly fragile that way. Another gentleman of my acquaintance once told me how horrible his previous life had been. He’d always been the toughest guy, picking bar fights and scrapping with anybody over anything. “I couldn’t walk down the street without being afraid.” he said. “I never knew if the next guy who came along was somebody that owed me for the beating I had given him six months ago and forgotten all about.”

Similarly, a woman told me how terrible it was to grow up with an alcoholic parent. The worst thing was all the covering up for them that had to be done. They could never have friends over. Constant hushing up of the truth and hiding what was happening meant she had no real relationships.

Build your life on a lie? You won’t have to wait until it goes viral or someone blackmails you to be miserable. You already are: you’ve just repressed it. And yes. The Bible knew it first.

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